Deleted Videos

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About us: We founded this site because we believe in free speech, and so many of the other major video hosting sites were DELETING user videos and BANNING users for posting videos just to be politically correct.

We encourage family values, love our country, and believe in the Constitution, especially the 1st Amendment, and do not want to be told what we can and cannot watch for whatever reason we want to watch it! Recently, videos promoting safe family fun with air rifles were deleted without good cause at a major site, and that is just wrong.

Everyone wants and deserves to be treated fairly and rules should be easy to understand and obey. If you do not want to or cannot follow the few simple rules we have, or are bothered by free speech, then maybe this site is not for you.

However, if you want to join, you must agree to the terms and accept them, and register to post videos. I agree to the Terms of Service and want to be a member of the family.

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